Scalp Exfoliation - Unusual Hair Care Method

Scalp Exfoliation - Unusual Hair Care Method

Beautiful hair is the fruit of full haircare yet the condition of scalp also affects the health of the hairdo. That’s why a scalp scrub is a must. Sadly, it’s often missing in women’s beauty care routine. Check if exfoliating your scalp regularly pays off.

The skin on our head is very similar to the body skin yet we devote much less time to its care. We wrongly assume that since we use so many hair washing and conditioning products, cleaning the scalp is needless. None of these cosmetics has exfoliating properties. An everyday styling routine and the cosmetic buildup can do a lot of harm to the scalp. Dust, external impurities and dead skin cells in the hair follicles are as destructive.

Scalp Cleansing = Necessity

In case of the scalp, we get rid of dead skin cells during daily activities e.g. washing and brushing hair. Regrettably, you won’t enjoy a fully clean scalp without a scrub. That’s why a complex scalp purification is worth doing. Trichologist scrub is a good way to do away with dead skin cells, keep hair in shape and freshen the scalp.

What happens if we don’t clean the scalp regularly? Dead skin cells are barely visible yet they can cause lots of hair problems. They settle at the roots of hair, clogging sebaceous glands and disturbing their work. Consequently, you deal with oily hair and skin inflammation. Dead skin cell buildup is a common cause of dandruff. It may also keep nutrients from penetrating hair bulbs hence poor hair condition, dullness, brittleness and thinning.


Removing dead skin cells from the scalp regularly is a simple scalp and hair care method. This easy treatment delivers lots of benefits:

  • perfectly removes dead skin cells from the scalp,
  • effectively frees hair from dandruff and impurities,
  • extends hair freshness by 1-2 days,
  • lifts roots for volume boost,
  • increases blood flow and nourishes hair bulbs,
  • has the power to strengthen hair and promote hair growth.

Scalp Exfoliation and Hair Thinning

Cleaning scalp with exfoliating abrasives makes hair stronger. First of all, dead skin cells no longer settle in hair follicles. As a result, more nutrients reach hair bulbs faster. Secondly, the exfoliation speeds up blood microcirculation so hair receives much more nutritional ingredients from within. Such bi-phase support is able to stop hair thinning.

Scalp Exfoliation and Hair Growth

While striving for hair growth boost, the regular scalp scrub makes an excellent choice. Better moisture and nourishment of bulbs, as well as increased blood flow, are the best triggers for cell division. Hair grows more quickly. Hair oiling and other growth boosting treatments are more effective when the scalp is clean.

Scalp Exfoliation and Dandruff, Oiliness

Settled dead skin cells on the scalp cause inflammation, intensify dandruff and oiliness so thorough scalp cleansing works the other way round. Exfoliation will purify the scalp and eliminate dandruff. Done regularly, it will prevent the setback of the problems. Using this simple method, you can control sebum glands thus keep your hair and scalp fresh longer.


Scalp faces different problems, therefore we should go for products and treatments considering their effects and action. If your scalp is extremely dry, the scrub should have extra moisturising power. Damaged and over-processed hair will benefit from repairing scalp scrubs. When it comes to hair and scalp exfoliators, there are three possibilities and each one has some assets.

  1. Scalp cleansing products e.g. purifying shampoos or trichologist scrubs. Ready-made cosmetics can be oil or alcohol-based. You should go for the first group because they are mild and don’t make the skin dry.
  2. DIY scalp scrubs – a mixture of natural oils and exfoliating product e.g. coffee, sea salt, sugar or baking soda. This solution is far cheaper and natural. To make a home scrub, you can use e.g. Nanoil hair oil used in daily hair care; it will additionally nourish and regenerate your hairdo.
  3. Scalp scrub treatment at a hair salon – the least common option. It’s the most professional solution but at the same time – much more expensive than DIY exfoliation. Remember you should do the scalp scrub regularly so visiting the salon so often is costly and quite bothersome.

Step-by-Step Scalp Exfoliation

Removing dead skin cells from the scalp is very easy. It’s like doing a body scrub. If you use a home product, prepare it before hair washing.

Scalp Exfoliation - Unusual Hair Care Method

How often should you exfoliate the scalp?

Once a week is enough. Removing dead skin cells more often is unnecessary and can harm the scalp. You must watch the needs of your hair and scalp. If you feel the scalp is still fresh after a week, you can do the scrub less often.

Be careful! Scalp exfoliation cannot be done aggressively or too often. A long-term action is important. Cleansing the scalp must be gradual and delicate not to irritate the skin or rip off the natural protective layer. Your scalp must have some time to rest and regenerate before the next treatment.

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