Hair Steaming - Nourishing & Moisturising Treatment. How to Do it at Home?

Hair Steaming - Nourishing & Moisturising Treatment. How to Do it at Home?

Winter or sun-damaged, over-processed tresses – hair has no easy life. It longs for regeneration and an in-depth nourishing. Hair steaming can provide it. How does it work? Read on to check the hair steam treatment benefits.

Hair loses moisture and condition every day. Strands are affected by lots of factors which disturb the inner hair structures. High temperatures excessively open hair cuticles. UV radiation destroys cells and speeds up aging processes whereas wrong hair care and styling routine weakens hair bulbs, leading to e.g. hair loss.

A conditioner or hair oil is not always enough to save a hairdo from the negative outside elements. You need intensive hair repair treatments e.g. professional ones such as hair steaming.


It is a great treatment for damaged hair. It makes us think of a traditional steam room and it’s justified. After all, a hair steamer makes use of the benefits of heat and humidity. You can treat yourself to this kind of SPA at home or salon – both options have pluses and downsides.

  • Hair steaming at a salon is a professional treatment: it uses special products and a hair steamer which looks like a huge dryer; it is pricey.
  • At-home hair steaming is a treatment for everyone: it is much cheaper, easier to do, it intensifies the hair oils, masks and conditioners that you use on a daily basis.

Many people wonder about hair steaming benefits. The treatment is very effective when it’s done at a salon. It aims at moisturising and nourishing but there is something more needed than the steam. Obviously, the steam is the key element but extra products are necessary e.g. hair ampules or oils. Without them, the hair nourishment and enhancement would be out of question whereas the hair would not have the right heat protection.

What effects does the hair steam treatment deliver?

The appropriate temperature (lower than in the steam room) is the secret of the amazing effects. After all, too high temperatures lead to hair damage – cutting down on straightening is advised for a reason. Instead of damaging, hair steaming helps because the temperature in the treatment is 40-60 degrees tops. It is produced by a device which doesn’t have a direct contact with hair or by covering hair with a shower cap and a warm towel.

The temperature matters a lot. It opens hair scales so active substances of a mask, oil or ampules easily penetrate the hair shaft.

Making use of the humidity is another huge benefit of hair steamers. It is a key thing because humidity also facilitates the absorption of nutrients. While doing the hair steaming at home, you must always apply products to damp strands. On the other hand, hairdressers use (depending on a device) the steam or an ultrasonic mist – the other option is better because the mist molecules are smaller and lighter thus penetrate the deepest hair layers easily.

Ozone hair steaming is an interesting option. This treatment additionally makes use of the power of ozone which destroys bacteria and viruses, increases blood flow to the scalp and stimulates faster hair growth. How does hair steaming work in this case? The ozone molecules penetrate the hair shaft, moisturising, repairing and conditioning hair and bulbs. No wonder the ozone hair steaming is a recommended anti-hair loss treatment.

Hair steaming – benefits

The effects of the hair steam treatment are worth discovering. A regularly-done treatment (no matter if it is at-home or salon):

  • ensures an intensive hair repair,
  • delivers a maximum level of moisture,
  • adds shine and softness to hair,
  • upgrades the action of hair and scalp products,
  • enhances strands, preventing hair thinning,
  • conditions both bulbs and hair.

How often to do the hair steam treatment?

There is just one answer to the question ‘does hair steaming work’. It does provided that you do it systematically. A one-off treatment will never give a striking improvement. Hair steaming must be repeated e.g. once a week for a month, taking a two-month break before the next series.

Hair Steaming At Home

How to do a hair steam treatment at home? Contrary to appearances, it is easy. A brilliant option if you don’t like the salon prices. All you need is a proper product, a shower cap, a warm towel and (optionally) a blow-dryer.

We can use any conditioner or mask we use daily but steaming hair with ampules brings much better effects. These small cosmetics make up a concentrated source of valuable nutrients. Underrated hair ampules are easy to use and reach the source of the problem – weak hair bulbs. Still, natural oils make the best choice – nothing has such a hair-repairing power as e.g. cottonseed oil, argan oil, almond oil or a professional Nanoil hair treatment which is rich in oils matching the hair porosity.

Oils with polyunsaturated fatty acids give far better results when we enhance the hair oil treatment with the home hair steaming. Every woman should try such a combination at least once to see the amazing benefits.

Hair Steaming - Nourishing & Moisturising Treatment

Hair steamer at a salon

A treatment with a hair steamer at a salon looks similar. The priming is the same – making sure the scalp and hair are clean. Next, a hairdresser applies a product – it’s the first difference because it is a professional vitamin concentrate which ensures nourishing and repair. You spend next twenty minutes under a steamer producing the right temperature. Washing the hair again is the last stage.

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