Hairstyles to wear with glasses. How to match the hairdo with the shape and colour of the frame?

Hairstyles to wear with glasses. How to match the hairdo with the shape and colour of the frame?

For many people, wearing prescription glasses tend to be a problem. However, there are also those, who think that the secret lies in matching the frames properly with the hair color and the hairstyle (or vice versa). Do you know how to choose the perfect hairstyle suitable for glasses wearers that would enhance the elegance and not spoil the styling?

As a matter of fact, style is a very individual feature. Each person has their own, which to a greater or lesser extent reflects their personality and character. We can emphasize it with appropriate clothes and a hairdo. Glasses often seem to be an unnecessary element there. It’s probably easier when it comes to sunglasses, as we can always take them off or wear them on the top of the head to support the hair up. What to do when we have to wear prescription glasses at all times?

Before you replace them with contact lenses, discover the best hairstyles that will suit your glasses. Check if the bangs match the eyeglasses and what haircut will be most flattering. Perhaps, you will find something suitable for yourself and realize that wearing glasses is not that bad after all. It’s time to treat them like an element of your everyday outfit!

Hairstyles to wear with glasses

Glasses vs. the hair color. How to choose the frame?

Often times, we decide on the specific frame because it matches the eye color. However, we forget that the hair is more visible. Remember that hair color is of great importance when choosing specs frames. Regardless of whether you have color-treated or natural hair waving next to eyeglasses, they must suit one another. Do you know how to match glasses with a hairstyle?

Warm blonde - honey and brown hair reflections perfectly match almost all warm shades of specs. Warm blondes will go with glasses in shades of coral and red, bold green or beige.

Cool blonde - hair in colder, gray-ish or ashy shades does not match well with golden or yellow frames. Sunny colors are better substituted with classic black, gray and cool beige, possibly baby pink or lilac.

Warm brown – the owners of darker and warmer bronze hair can be very grateful when it comes to the choice of frames. You can go for glasses in various shades of red (mahogany, bourbon), but also green, beige or cream. They do not look good only with white and silver frames.

Cool brown - all hair in cool brown, starting with gray and ending with hazelnut or dark chocolate, look great with black frames. Blue or pink glasses for cool brown hair can also pull off the looks.

Ginger - a rich palette of shades of red means a lot of possibilities when it comes to the choice of frames. All lovers of strong colors can go crazy with dark green or blue glasses. The frames in color similar to the hair, neutral beige or classic black will also work well.

Black - black hair is not only ebony, but can also have brown (warm) or blue (cool) reflections. When choosing glasses for black hair, it's worth remembering about the contrast. Classic red, white as well as strong shades of blue will work.

Gray or white - it may seem that there are only a few possibilities with such light hair. Nothing more wrong. Gray and white will be enhanced by bright or transparent frames. Navy blue, cherry or onyx also look good. You only need to avoid yellow and brown hues.

How to choose a hairstyle to suit glasses?

A hairstyle that mismatches glasses is a problem that makes many people reluctant towards wearing specs on a daily basis. What hairstyles to wear with eyeglasses in order to debunk the myth that glasses spoil styling? It's best to fit the frames to the face shape and then choose the perfect hairstyle for them. Hairstyles that look good with glasses are varied, but the principle is simple - the hairdo must correspond to the shape of the frame.

  1. Round shaped frames - the so-called John Lennons’ frames or other round-rimmed glasses look great with short or long, tousled hair. Beach waves fit them too.
  2. Cat eye shaped frames - asymmetrical frames (wider at the top, rounded at the bottom) are ideal for hairstyles from the 1920s, 30s or 40s – top buns, curls and high-heels.
  3. Thick frames - wayfarer-style glasses, with thick temples, look good with loose ponytail or braid on the side of the head. They also fit in a smoothly combed, high ponytail.
  4. Rectangular shaped frames - it's one of the few shapes of glasses that are not suitable for bangs. The ideal hairstyle for rectangular eyeglasses is a classic bob.
  5. Nerd or geek frames - as the name suggests, so-called nerdy specs look best with school hairstyles. Updos and a ponytail with loose strands will work.

The best hairstyles for glasses weaers. How to style the hair?

Elegant bob - the classic works in every case, also, when it comes to hairstyles for glasses wearers. The bob or its longer version (the so-called lob or long bob), which does not require a lot of work, will perfectly emphasize the face and adjust to the specs. Depending on the shape of the frame, the classic bob can be varied with bangs, but never side-swept. You can’t go wrong with a simple look.

Topknot - probably the most sexy hairstyle for sunglasses is called the messy bun, or a sloppy, big bun on the top of your head. It is best if there are a few wisps released from it and fall around the face, eg by the ears. If the magnificent, tousled bun is not your thing, then smoothly combed bun on the top of the head will look just as good. It's important to keep it high.

Long waves - wavy hair and properly matched frames make the wow impression. Waves can be done already on medium length hair, but the most impressive are long, curly strands. However, smooth and arranged curls do not fit into the glasses, Thus, slightly messy, for example, the beach-style waves are the best possible choice. To get the most impressive effect, it's worth using big rollers, a hair mousse and … your own hands.

Pixie haircut - to break the subdued look that glasses create, it is worth considering a pixie cut. This is a proposition for women with a strong personality. A short hairstyle with glasses does not have to be boring. It is enough that it will be properly layered, with longer bangs at the front. The pixie hairstyle perfectly emphasizes the features of the face, reveals the neck and most importantly, fits the glasses.

Thick braid - a very simple hairstyle for glasses with thick and straight frames will be a thick braid on the side. Keep in mind that a braid in the back of the head will not correspond with the glasses so well. The braid should be thick and slightly sloppy. This effect can be obtained by braiding the wavy hair we have previously added volume to, for instance, with a hair mousse or passion fruit oil.

Do the bangs fit the glasses?

There is a mistaken belief that bangs and glasses are not a very harmonious duet. It turns out that a well-matched hairstyle with fringe may look good even with dark and thick frames. Of course, it will not look good in every combination.

The best hairstyles with fringe for glasses wearers are those in which the bangs are straight and wispy at the ends. Hair combed to the side may not look good (stand out, curl up) on the glasses. The ideal fringe should reach just over the top edge of the glasses. Too long bangs will overshadow the glasses or it will hide under the frame and irritate the eyes. The answer to the question of whether the bangs match the eyeglasses is simple: yes, but only properly cut and styled. Test out different hairstyles with fringe to wear with glasses and decide yourself.

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